How to Create your Blueprint for Success


Do you have a blueprint for success?

Do you have a blueprint for success or do you flop about like a flag in a windstorm? Many of us work with blueprints in our businesses, offices or factories. We know how important a planning structure is for the success of what we are doing. Yet, in our own lives, we seem not to apply this.

A niece of mine who is working in a big corporation works on “blueprints” all the time and trains others to do so. But you know what? She never thought it has applications in her own life.


Yes, many of us take our lives for granted, as a great unstructured sandbox over which we not only have no control, but really don’t even have influence! We assume that good things will just happen without our planning for it. We flop about like a flag in a windstorm and hope that fate, destiny, karma or other anti-blueprint words will through sheer chance land us in gold.

In the old days, blue print was the name for construction drawings used by contractors to build new structures in a step by step fashion. They actually were blue, because of the printing process used. Today, the concept of a blueprint has grown to cover almost all areas where an orderly process must be followed to avoid chaos. If we have a blueprint, our choices will be guided and directed to where we want to be in the future…or at least close by. How is that for a start?

My own experience of success:
Did I have a blueprint?

I was reminded of my own experience. I had no blueprint. I had no clue about this at that time.

As a child, however, success had been part of both my own and my family’s experience. I was top of my class and my father’s business was doing extremely well. So, how did we deal with this success? My family told us not to show off, to be humble and not let our success make our heads get bigger. Not to be Mr. Big Head! To always remember where we came from because our good fortune might not last.

Yes, be afraid girl. Prosperity is temporary. You are not sure you will be lucky all the time and luck/karma/destiny was the most important part of success. This ensured that I was always afraid of the future and of the dreadful arbitrariness of destiny.That was the blueprint that got created in me.

What we were told about success:
Turned out to be a blueprint for Failure.

We were told that we should hide our current luck. Always put ourselves lower than the others. This, too, became a blueprint, one that could only lead to inevitable failure. At some point failing would be a relief as it would reduce the daily stress of waiting for the collapse. What a recipe for disaster, a disaster that finally came.

Our business surely went under after my father unexpectedly died. We saw this as the beginning of the end and we behaved in a way that ensured the expected failure. Our family business blueprint forecast all of these and sensing our loss of spirit former employees with winner blueprints built their own futures on the ashes of ours.

It was almost over when an amazing change took place. My youngest sister who only lived a short time in the era of prosperity had either been programmed differently or had not enough time to learn our blueprint for failure. She was already down there and the only path is UP.

Creating a blueprint that supports success:
A New Road Map


Yes, the growth continues and the struggle, too. It is a constant battle to free one’s self from all the baggage of the past and create a blueprint that supports success. The whole world seems to have a suspicion of success and puts it to luck rather than building a vision, a blueprint.

Somehow, many are uncomfortable with the success of others unless it is based on a sin and redemption model or the depths of pain coming before a mass of luck. Why? A majority seems to think that success is only possible after pain, denial, suffering or some form of cheating. It never occurs that getting to some place is almost impossible if you have no personal road map or no blueprint.

You can Change your Blueprint:
This is the Good News about Success

The Good News is now you have the resources to change the blue print. Unearth it so you can let go of it. Don’t dwell on it and start using it as a crutch not to do anything. Success is often feared. Not only by you but by many of us. We seem to resist it. Don’t know why but we do. We can’t seem to celebrate it.

But not to worry. Help abounds for those who seek seriously. There are many self-help books and coaches now who can help you very effectively. Just remember, the key to your new blueprint is YOU.

How to Start your Success Blueprint:
Here’s a kit to help you

A Vision is a picture of the life you want for yourself. This is your dream life. When you do your vision, do not think…hmmmmmm… that is so expensive…never in my whole life will I ever accomplish that….no judgment, please. Just paste on your board all the elements of the life you want for yourself. Look for the pictures that best represent these elements and let these pictures shape your vision.

Be a Celebrator of Free Will:
Not a medieval determinist

Yes, the way we are brought up has a major influence on the success blueprint that we hold in our world view. Sometimes, these influences are not even in our realm of awareness. They are not in our consciousness. They make us medieval determinists rather than celebrators of free will. It is like a silent conductor making the music of our life, making the cadence go up and down without control or even input on our part. How can this failure of the human spirit be possible?

I have seen this in my own personal life. My husband and I are living a life many only dream about. People say we live a blessed life but we still continue to hammer away at the blueprints our parents, families, teachers passed on…..the conditioning our cultural backgrounds hammered into us and the values our age pushed us into.

Here’s another idea:
Have a Plan!

Now that you have shaped your dream life on your Vision Board, start with your plan. Yes, you need to make this life happen. Have a plan. What helped me are not those 5 year plans that after your have finished doing it, you have no more energy to make it happen.

What was more effective for me are tiny, bite size commitments I challenge myself with each day. When I am able to do it, my steps are lighter and closer to what I see on my vision board. I am encouraged. These steps are tiny even just to learn how to meditate and practice it for 5 minutes a day. Learn how to do simple html. Save a dollar or do some exercise. Tiny though they are, when we stick to them each day, our inner strength to take on bigger tasks improves.

What helped me succeed:
Affirmation and Visualization

When I started, I was still organizing courses to help our teachers and one of these was on Affirmation and Visualization. I learned about how we had been programmed and how to change that. So, encouraged with this new found insight, I practiced it and I was surprised at the changes that took place in my life….the dreams that were realized to the detail, too, of what I have affirmed and visualized. This prodded me onward.

Exercise your Will Power:
To execute the plan

Yes, most of us make our plan and set our goals in that. But only few have the persistence in exercising that will power. We often dismiss successes of other people as genetic, genius or genie’s help. Far from it. Those people have spent the 10,000 hours Malcolm has set as the benchmark for mastery. Many and I include myself just jump often at the invitation of a friend, a neighbor’s chat or just plain laziness. The television or that magazine you haven’t checked out recently are just too inviting.

But wait a minute. Do not also overtask your will power. Why? Because by doing so, you become more vulnerable and are more likely to give up on staying on track. Find yourself some wholesome distraction or give yourself a break. Celebrate your success as you take on a benchmark in your blue print.

Failure before Success:
Let’s find out

It is often said that most successful persons in history have the experience of defeat as their common denominator. They have known failure, thus, they have become successes. What do you think?